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Our Company

For more than 10 years, we are providing mobile network services in all cities of India in the telecommunications sector, which is committed to moving forward from this, using our extraordinary market knowledge and experience.

Our ambition is in the form of a world-leading Poor Network Service Provider. We keep changing new brands over time and committed to continuously distribute new products. Those customers who are returning to our stores are committed to present our service experiences.

We are committed to making us the best campaign to find new opportunities and build strong and effective business partnerships on trust, honesty and mutual benefit with foresight, energy.

Team Management

The strength of a company is dependent on the employee's efficiency. We have 15 employees. Who are comprehensive expert in our management team. They are offering time to time door to door service.

We provide opportunities for development by selecting the best people and by training them. We ensure that our customers receive excellent level of service.

Our service and continuous growth allow us to attract and retain those people. Those who know about our service, we share the values of trust and integrity and have the passion to give results.

Our dedicated talented employees provide unique information about the needs of their customers and work with a culture of understanding, respect and openness.

Our Team

brijesh mishra

Mr. Brijesh Misrha

hariom sharan gautam

Mr. Hariom Sharan Gautam

vijay mishra

Mr. Vijay Mishra

sudheer kumar mishra

Mr. Sudheer Kumar Mishra