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Do you have trouble with a weak mobile signal and your call is disconnecting, which is causing you a heavy loss, of course this is not your fault.

Whatever the reason, you do not need to worry about weak signal. We will provide the solution of it. We offer you 2G, 3G, 4G,5G mobile signal boosters at very cheap prices. With our Mobile Signal Booster you can prevent dropped calls and improve your voice quality better. Our signal booster works for all networks for example Idea, Airtel, Vodafone, Jio, MTNL, BSNL etc in Mumbai and all over India. You can install it’s at your home, office, basement and vehicle.

We have been providiing installation services of CCTV Camera and network booster for more than 10 years. We import these parts from Hong Kong and assemble in Mumbai, India. We understand the importance of your cellular signal. So we have done extensive research, the result of our research is the most effective signal solution. All our signal booster are made from top quality materials. You may need to deal with weak signal in your office or home. Our cell phone booster has maximum production power.

We are Manufacturers, Wholesale supplier and installation service providers of all type of amplifier and signal repeaters in all major cites of India. Such as Goa, Pune, Nasik, Navi Mumbai, Juhu, Colaba, Bandra, Wadala, Zaveri Bazar, Lower Parel, Andheri, Borivali, Dahisar, Jogeshwari, Powai, Grant Road, Thane, Mulund, Bhandup, Chinchpokli, Churchgate, Crawford Market, CP Tank, Dadar, Dharavi, Deonar, Dombivali, Girgaon, Govandi, Hutatma Chowk, Kalbadevi, Karjat, Khetwadi, Kurla, Lal Baug, Malad, Marol, Nalasopara, Prabhadevi, Raigad, Santacruz, Sion, Vikhroli, Virar, Worli, Ambarnath, Bhiwandi, Marine Lines, Ghatkopar, Goregaon, Badlapur, CSMT, Fort, Panvel, Belapur, Sanpada, Koparkhairane, MIDC, Vashi, Mahape, Ghansoli, Nerul, Turbhe, Juinagar, Taloja, Kamothe, Kalamboli, Ulwe, Khandeshwar, Rasayani, Seawoods, Shilphata, Rabale, Airoli, Kharghar, Kalyan, Tilak Nagar etc.

We listen to your needs, and we will help you to choose the best mobile signal booster which will be completely useful to you. We know that you may need help at any time This is the reason that whenever you need help, we can help you.

No worries if you are not completely satisfied with our Signal Booster. You can return the booster within 10 days. We will refund you.

As mobile communication technology is growing in all around the world and people are not live without mobile but cell phone signal is very poor which has needs to full network for connecting each other and many places or inside of home is not available full mobile signal because of people cannot talk to each other.

So we are offering the latest Mobile Signal Booster of all networks 2G 3G 4G 5G Airtel, Vodafone, Idea, Relince Jio, MTNL, BSNL with data and voice both at resemble price and same cost in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai and all over India.

We have available many type of signal amplifier which you can see below and call us for installation service.

What is Cell Phone Signal Booster?

A mobile signal booster is a device that amplifies mobile signals in a home, office, remote area, mountain area, or any vehicle. This eliminates the problem of weak mobile signals by taking existing cellular signals. It amplifies the mobile signal and transmits it to an area with a weak signal. mobile signal booster provides a better solution in an area where mobile communication may not function properly. This can better solve indoor weak mobile networks. This increases mobile battery life and reduces mobile phone radiation. If you are troubled by problems with call drop, slow internet connection, intercepted messages, poor voice quality, low coverage and other mobile signal reception, then mobile signal booster is a great solution. The 4G tri-band signal booster is 2G, 3G, 4G, LTE and Volte signal extender.

Mobile phone signal booster or repeater is composed mainly of three elements - external antenna, repeater and internal antenna. All of these works together to get the existing mobile signal from outdoor and provide it inside of your house.

We will tell you how to strengthen mobile signals within your home with the help of cell phone signal booster. And all the repeaters available to us will be shown to you. So that you can choose the repeater as needed at home.

Generally, cell phone signal booster works as repeater system. In the process, the work is done to strengthen the signals present in different directions with the help of the amplifier. Nowadays there are many types of Signal Booster available in the market. The working process of all mobile signal boosters is roughly the same. Whether it is a mini signal booster or high power mobile signal amplifier, it usually starts from 7DBM to maximum up to 27DBM

Cell Phone Signal Booster

Universal Mobile Signal Booster

If you are looking for a weak cellular signal solution, we have 2G 3G 4G universal signal amplifier supporting all service provider companies like Airtel, Idea, Vodafone, Jio, and BSNL. Being a customer of Airtel, Vodafone, Idea, BSNL, JIO the major players in the mobile communication services market in India, have you ever had a chance to know anything about the mobile services sector in your country? In 1995, meaning that 25 years ago, the first call was made in India with the use of mobile wireless networks. Since that time India has been earning the name of the world's second largest mobile communication system, claiming over 1.1 billion subscribers.

Universal Mobile Signal Booster

Will 4G Mobile Signal Booster work on 5G?

4G Mobile Signal Booster will definitely work with 5G Evolution as it is similar 5G is only faster. 4G phone boosters can also technically work with cavities with 5G phones. This will only amplify the signal when you set the phone to its "setting" to work on 4G / LTE. There are also examples that it will boost the signal only when 5G phones automatically return to 4G or LTE mode which will occur when 5G coverage is not detected. You should note that due to the intrinsic nature of new 5G frequency waves, 5G signals will not easily enter buildings as 4G LTE signals. Currently 4G LTE frequencies are up to 2.7 GHz while 5G is planned to be in the range of 5 GHz to 46 GHz which is more difficult to penetrate building materials. The mobile signal booster cannot boost the signal as long as there is no signal because some cellular signal is required to amplify the mobile signal. Therefore, 4G booster will be an asset when 5G phone does not detect any indoors or vehicles.


How to Improve Cell Phone Reception?

In the last 10 years, there has been a huge increase in mobile ownership in India, where 99.9% of the people in India own cell phones. Unfortunately, the mobile network is weakening indoors and most people think that they cannot do anything to improve their cell phone reception, this is not true. There are many types of repeaters available to boost the mobile signal and by following the 5 steps mentioned below, you can improve your mobile signal in the best way.

1-Sometimes due to cell phone damage, the antenna inside the phone can also get damaged due to which the network does not work properly, then we can get the right network by improving our phone.

2-We can make some improvements in the phone network by using the latest version of the phone operating system.

3-If we have a good internet connection then we can make better voice calls using Wi-Fi calling.

4-When you have to talk to the phone, then you need to move forward or outside the window. Do not try to call of inside buildings or underground. Large structures buildings are not suitable for an adequate cell phone signal. If you are having a reception problem on the road, then try to move to the nearest intersection, as there you can get better coverage.

5-By installing a mobile network booster, we can improve the mobile network 100% in our home, office, basement, and vehicle etc. and get better mobile network. Several models of mobile signal boosters are available on our website, allowing you to choose the best device according to your needs while answering the question of promoting mobile phone signal in your home. When choosing a mobile network booster, keep in mind that mobile network booster is available in different sizes, depending on the area to be covered for the growth of the mobile network.

cell phone reception

Types of Cell Phone Repeater Reception Boosters.

Tri Band 2G 3G 4G Mobile Signal Booster

Tri Band 2G 3G 4G Mobile Signal Booster

By having all the frequency in our Tri Band Network Booster 900-1800-2100Mhz, this has become the best-selling cell phone signal booster for home, office and basement. This booster is able to cover up to 3,000 square feet, with all the 2G 3G 4G Airtel, Vodafone, Idea, Jio signal available up to +65DBM. In most urban areas, it is able to cover up to 2,000 to 3,000 sq. ft. and about 1,000 to 2,500 square feet in remote rural areas. The ability to provide its signal depends on the strength of your external signal and you can get more or less coverage based on the weakness or strength of your external signal.

2G 4G Mobile Signal Booster

2G 4G Mobile Signal Booster

This dual band (2G-4G) is a great mobile signal booster. It supports all service provider networks like Airtel, Idea, Vodafone and BSNL. It is an excellent booster of +65 dBm and is capable of covering an area of 2500 to 3500 sq. ft. This is a great option for both voice calling and internet purposes. This booster can be easily fixed with a screw in the wall or rack. It also has an LCD screen which displays the status of the network. Its adapter is 12 volts. It is a complete plug and play device. As soon as the adapter is switched, it turns on and provides a strong network. it’s a great option for home, office or basement.

2G 3G Mobile Signal Booster

2G 3G Mobile Signal Booster

Dual Band 900-2100Mhz (2G-3G) model is an efficient and cost-effective enterprise model. It is capable of covering up to 3500 square feet in the best conditions of any pre-approved cell phone boosters in the market-along with the +65DBM. Coverage area can be increased by adding additional antennas as per requirement. The dual band 2G-3G model comes in a wall-mount or rack-mount format. It also comes in different customizations for different uses. This is a great option for the voice calling purpose. You need to make sure the amplifier never stops. There is also a colour LCD screen, which shows the status of your network coverage.

3G Mobile Network Booster

3G Mobile Network Booster

Mini 3G model is the great cheapest home signal booster option for people who looking for low-cost solutions. With the +65DBM 3G network, it is able to cover 1,000 square feet in best conditions. It can actually cover 500 to 1,000 square feet in most urban areas and about 200 to 500 square feet in remote rural areas. It all depends on your external signal and you can get more or less coverage. This unit is usually used for any single room or small shop. If a house is large, then we generally recommend setting up dual band or tri-band.

How to Install mobile network boosters?

Proper mobile network is essential for all. Mobile phone communication system has made our daily life very comfortable. Everyone has a mobile phone. And everyone wants better mobile signal, so that they can talk better, run better internet and talk to their friends, family and business partner. Mobile phone is very helpful in serious situations. Someone's life can be saved by a call. Nowadays the problem of mobile network is common in most of the region of India. Weak mobile networks sometimes create very poor conditions. As we go inside the office, we get a very weak mobile signal, due to which we are not able to talk properly, because nowadays many problems are arising due to weak mobile signal.

Mainly there are some places and causes where the mobile signal is weak, such as, Underground Building, Distant villages from which mobile towers are far away, underground tunnel and Building materials such as brick walls are layers of thick concrete.

Installing a mobile phone signal booster is very simple. Follow our 15-minute easy set-up process properly. And easily you can install it’s on your own at home and office.

Three Easy Steps for Network Booster Installation.

1-You should install the external antenna in the place where you are getting good signal reception. And connect the external antenna with long cable form booster.

2-Then connect the indoor antenna with booster and plug it into the power cord in the power outlet.

3-The signal booster can be installed manually, so it must be installed according to the guidelines given in the manual.

Network Booster Installation

How to Mobile Signal Booster Work?

These boosters work with all types of mobiles. They work in 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G, LTE and Volte. It also helps in increasing data speed. Another advantage of the increased signal is that the talk time of the mobile phone battery increases by an additional 3 hours.

Let's understand how the signal booster works.

Mobile signal boosters have three main components: external antenna, booster (amplifier) and internal antenna.

1-The outside antenna catches the outside signal and sends it to the mobile phone booster via a connecting coaxial cable.

2-The booster (amplifier) amplifies the signal and this amplified signal is sent from one antenna to the inside antenna by a coaxial cable.

3-The internal antenna sends this increased signal to the mobile phone, due to which the signal of the mobile becomes better.

How Signal Booster work

Reasons To Buy Our Mobile Signal Booster

Our mobile signal booster is a very good device, which is a better solution for weak mobile networks. It is able to ensure better and convenient communication in areas with weak mobile signals. If you are troubled by weak mobile network and are thinking of buying mobile signal booster, then we have a better option.

1. Our mobile signal repeaters are able to cover all types of area, big or small. You can choose the signal booster for your office, home or shop as per your wish.

2. All our mobile network boosters are completely safe and do not produce any radiation.

3. All our mobile signal boosers receive signals from base mobile station and also send signals to base mobile station.

4. All our mobile signal repeaters are high quality and practical which you can fix at your convenience.

5. With all our mobile network boosters there is no extra wire attached to your mobile phone which is very comfortable to use.

6. All these devices do not require configuration, these are completely plug-and-play tools.

What are the benefits of using mobile signal boosters?

We now feel uncomfortable without a mobile phone. Think that if we do not have proper network in our mobile phone then how many problems can we face? Mobile phones have an important contribution in our daily lives. If we are away from any problem, then we can tell our family or friend with a mobile phone and get immediate help. If we are going to office and there is a traffic jam on the way, then we can immediately tell in our office from our mobile phone that we will be a little late due to traffic jam. If there is a sudden emergency problem in the house, then we can call the police or ambulance immediately from our mobile phone. If we have to talk to our family and relatives far away then mobile phone is a better medium. In order to further your business, this mobile phone always has an important contribution to talk to your customer. If we are late in reaching home from office due to some reason, due to which the family members get upset, but if we inform the family members of the office, then they will not be disturbed. Therefore, it is very important to have a complete network in our mobile phones. But nowadays, everywhere whether it is office or home, you are traveling, the problem of mobile network has become common. Keeping all these things in mind, the best technical experts have designed a mobile signal booster which provides a solution for weak mobile networks. Mobile Network Booster completely eliminates the problem of weak mobile networks. Mobile network device is very easy to install, it is a completely plug-and-play device. After installing the mobile signal booster, the signal to your mobile phone becomes full so that you can talk well and can also use the internet in a better way. We have all types of LTE, VOLTE, 2G, 3G, 4G mobile signal booster available, you can select it as per your requirement. We provide all types of mobile signal booster in Mumbai and Navi Mumbai.

India is the second largest nation in terms of population and almost every people has a mobile phone here but there are serious problems of poor network. For this, you need to install a mobile signal booster at your home. There are many major advantages.

There are many mobile signals booster installation service providers in India. If you are stay where no network coverage, then you can use a mobile signal booster at your home or office and you can get a strong network in your house. It boasts of various telecommunications providers and everyone can get clear coverage.

Whether it is a city or a village, you can set up a network booster to meet the needs of communication.

What is Advantage of mobile signal boosters?

If you live in a ruler or basement and you do not have a network at all, then you will benefit from additional coverage provided by this mobile signal booster. You can use online documents and sites on the Internet as well as your business will grow and your customers will be more satisfied.

If you are a business owner and your entire business runs through online internet and mobile phones, such as cafes, hotels or tourist sites, signal booster can help you a lot. That will make your customer customers happy.

The audio output will be less interrupted in your calls. You will be able to listen to someone clearly. That would be great for the people.

cell phone amplifier

Cell Phone Amplifier

cell phone booster

Cell Phone Booster


2G 4G LTE Signal Amplifier

tri band gsm repeaters

Tri Band Gsm Repeaters

Our Latest Product

3G mobile signal booster mumbai

All GSM 3G Repeater

3G GSM mobiel signal booster for all network in mumbai

900-2100 3G Signal Repeater

its cover all 3G network and 2G of Airtel Vodafone

2G GSM DCS mobile signal repeater mumbai

900-1800 4G Mobile Signal Repeater

Its hs all 2G network and 4G of Airtel Vodafone

cheapest 3g mobile signsl booster mumbai

2100MHZ 3G Reapeter

3G Single band repeater

4G mobile signal amplifier airtel vodafone mumbai

4G Mobile Signal Booster for Airtel Vodafone Jio

mobile signal booster repair service mumbai

Inside of Amplifier and Signal Booster Reapir Mumbai

wingstel mobile signal booster mumbai

Mobile Network Booster

lintratek mobile signal booster mumbai

Mobile Signal Booster

tri band mobile signal repeater mumbai

Tri Band Mobile Signal Booster

Seguro 2G & 3G Mobile Signal Booster

Seguro 2G 3G Repeater

900-2100MHZ is a great option for increasing the signal in any home or office with all mobile networks, it is available in very beautiful designs and with low budget.

Lintratek 3G Mobile Signal Booster

Lintratek 3G Mobile Signal Repeater

Lintratek Mobile Signal Booster is a mini-single band mobile signal repeater that strengthens all operator's signal. Mini 3G signal repeater is available at a very cheap rate that enables you to provide voice and data with smartphones such as smartphone tablet data card, with excellent quality.

Tri Band 2G 3G & 4G Mobile Signal Booster

Tri Band 2G 3G & 4G Signal Booster

Tri Band Mobile Signal Booster Works at All Frequency 900-1800-2100 (2G 3G 4G).

Cell Phone Signal Booster Installation

cell phone mobile signal booster installation mumbai
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Mobile signal booster repair installation service in mumbai

We Boost 2G 3G 4G of These Network

BSNL Network
MTNL Network
Jio 4G Signal Booster
Idea 3G 4G
vodafone 4G mobile network solution mumbai
Airtel 4G Mobile Netwrok Solution Mumbai

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